Why workshifting?

The working world is changing, which is both exciting yet also challenging. We are daily faced with increasing complexity and speed. At the same time, the demand for greater productivity and flexibility as well as work-life balance is growing. For companies, the development of a modern working environment offers many opportunities but also brings some risks along.

Our approach

In order to successfully support companies in the transformation process strategic planning that is followed by transparent implementation is required. In doing so, the approach and focus are not only on individual aspects, but rather holistic. By considering the individuals making up the collective organisation, the spatial conditions and technological background, we facilitate the creation of space for innovation and productivity. In the new working world technology is ubiquitous, however, we consider it simply as an enabler of a modern working environment. At the heart of this process of change is the human being. As the commitment, willingness and conviction of employees is crucial in creating change of a sustainable nature. 

colited Workshifting Survey (cWS)

The cWS is a proven instrument that enables a structured and systematic investigation of your company’s potential within the context of workshifting and modern working environments. Depending on your specific needs, 60 to 85 individual questions are used that can be additionally supplemented by customer-specific questions. The cWS is carried out as an anonymous online review of all employees and executives of your company or a department in either English or German.

Customer testimonials

We were looking for various possibilities for cooperation. It was important for us to combine theory and practice and to be able to derive concrete tasks. Daniel Holzinger was able to spark new ways of thought with his sensitive and time realistic approach and attitude. He thoughtfully supported us in further considerations in the context of modern working environments and workshifting. What was particularly pleasing to us publishers: He also provided us with extensive literature tips, with which we could continue to work wonderfully.


Mag. Iris Blatterer

CEO Westermann Group in Austria
(Verlag E. DORNER GmbH | Verlag Jugend & Volk GmbH) 

As dynamic consulting firm in the real estate industry, JLL often faces the challenge of reinventing its working environment and structures. Colited and particularly Daniel Holzinger are valuable consultants for our current workshifting project by sparking great impulses that stem from the outside. We benefit from the experience of colited consultants during change processes, particularly when it comes to structuring ideas, conducting employee surveys and analyzing their results. The comprehensive approach taken has convinced JLL employees of workshifting from the beginning and we have been able to see tangible progress after a short period of time.


Izabela Danner

Management Board Germany, Head of Human Resources, Jones Lang LaSalle SE 

Good reasons for the cWS

Analyse existing structures objectively 

Recognize potential for productivity and innovation

Unite points of view of employees and executives

 Identify motivational killers and problem factors

Review physical and mental stress levels

Create a flexible
work environment

Improve communication, transparency and trust

Foster identification and connectedness to the company

About colited

Founded in 2011 by Daniel Holzinger, colited successfully supports companies and organisations in the context of new working environments and workshifting. Numerous companies - from medium to large Fortune 500 companies – have benefited from our cooperation and reached measurable goals. For further information please visit our website: www.colited.com

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